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A. V. (Tony) Reck
Chairman Of The Board & CEO
T. A. (Tom) Greene
Executive VP – COO & CFO

S. D. (Susan) Sacharnoski
Manager of Administration &
Executive Assistant to Mr. Reck & Mr. Garrett
Phone: 270-444-4432
Email: ssacharnoski@palrr.com

E. M. (Beth) Rupp
Assistant to EVP-COO & CFO
Phone: 270-444-4317
Email: erupp@palrr.com
Human Resources
K. M. (Karen) Tucker
Senior Director, Corporate Services
Phone: 270-444-4304
Email: kmtucker@palrr.com
A. D. (Alayna) Stinnett
Sr. Manager-Corporate Services
Phone: 270-444-4330
Email: astinnett@palrr.com
S. L. (Sherri) Goodwin
Manager-Corporate Services
Phone: 270-444-4338
Email: sgoodwin@palrr.com
T. M. (Thomas) Clifton
Director - Safety, Security, & Training
Phone: 270-444-4329
Email: tclifton@palrr.com
P. W. (Patrick) Reck
Manager-Safety, Security & Training
Phone: 270-444-4412
Email: preck@palrr.com


K. J. (Kevin) McEwan
Vice President-Marketing & Sales
Phone: 270-444-4337
Email: kmcewan@palrr.com
C. A. (Chris) Reck
Assistant Vice President, Sales & Industrial Development
Phone: 270-444-4458
Email: creck@palrr.com
T. M. (Tasha) Headrick
Marketing Analyst
Phone: 270-444-4342
Email: theadrick@palrr.com


B. L. (Brian) Wyatt
Marketing Analyst
Phone: 270-444-4414
Email: bwyatt@palrr.com



T. R. (Tim) Wyatt
Vice President Transportation & Labor
Phone: 270-444-4301
Email: trwyatt@palrr.com
S. D. (Debbie) Jackson
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 270-444-4344
Email: djackson@palrr.com

B. L (Brian) Nichol
Assistant Vice President, Network Operations
Phone:  270-444-4302
J. L. (Jody) Goins
Rail Traffic Supervisor
Phone:  270-444-4308
W. R. (Billy) Gilkey
Terminal Mgr - Louisville
Phone: 502-587-9432
Email: wgilkey@palrr.com
R. E. (Rodney) Goodwin
Road Foreman of Engines
Phone: 270-444-4303 Email: rgoodwin@palrr.com
J. R. (Jeff) Witherspoon
Senior Trainmaster
Phone:  270-444-4371
Email: jwitherspoon@palrr.com
M. C. (Michael) Spresser
Rail Traffic Supervisor
Phone: 270-444-4308
D. B. (Daryl) Titus
Asst. Trainmaster/Louisville
Email: dtitus@palrr.com
A. C. (Adam) Braboy
Assistant Road Foreman of Engines
Phone: 270-444-4538
Email: abraboy@palrr.com
C. W. (Carl) Barrow
Phone:  270-444-4368
Email: cbarrow@palrr.com
R. H. (Rob ) Cecil
Rail Traffic Supervisor
Phone: 270-444-4308
Email: rcecil@palrr.com



J. S. (Jeremy) Haberlock
Phone:  270-444-4368
Email: jhaberlock@palrr.com
L. J. (Larry) Henn Jr.
Rail Traffic Supervisor
Phone:  270-444-4308
Email: lhenn@palrr.com


W. C. (Bill) Slater
Phone: 270-444-4368
Email: bslater@palrr.com
(24 hrs/day - 7 Days/week)
Phone:  270-444-4306
Email: padyard@palrr.com
Louisville Freight Office
1135 PAL Road, Louisville, KY 40210
Fax: 502-587-1941
Paducah Freight Office
1625 Bell Avenue, Paducah, KY 42003
Fax:  270-444-4324
Calvert Freight Office
KY 95, 425 N Main St.,
Calvert City, KY 42029
Phone: 270-395-4080
Fax: 270-395-4699

J. L. (Jeff) Campbell 
Chief Mechanical Officer
Phone: 270-444-4373
Email: jcampbell@palrr.com

S. D. (Debbie) Jackson
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 270-444-4344
Email: djackson@palrr.com
Locomotive Facility/Paducah (Roundhouse)
3700 Starnes Avenue
Paducah, KY 42003
Fax: 270-444-4316
Car Shop-Paducah
1300 Bell Avenue, Paducah, KY 42003
Fax: 270-444-4312
Car Shop & Loco Facility/Louisville
1135 PAL Road
Louisville, KY 40210
Fax: 502-587-1941
R. E. (Robby) Cox  
Gen. Locomotive Foreman
Phone: 270-444-4360
Email: rcox@palrr.com
R. E. (Robert) Cohoon
Mechanical Foreman/Paducah
Phone: 270-444-4510
Email: rcohoon@palrr.com
K. S. (Steve) Dunham
General Car Foreman
Phone: 502-587-1982
Email: sdunham@palrr.com
J. K. (Jay) Steinbrink
Asst. Gen. Locomotive Foreman
Phone: 270-444-4359
Email: jsteinbrink@palrr.com
C. S. (Chris) Renfrow
General Car Foreman/Paducah
Phone: 270-444-4401
Email: crenfrow@palrr.com
T. A. (Travis) Pottinger
Record Writer/Louisville
Phone: 502-587-9433
Email: tpottinger@palrr.com
J. B. (Brad) Casebier
Record Writer/Paducah
Phone: 270-444-4374
Email: bcasebier@palrr.com
S. L. (Stony) Bishop
Chief Engineer
Phone: 270-444-4386
S. D. (Debbie) Jackson
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 270-444-4344
E-mail: djackson@palrr.com
D. S. (Shane) DeJarnatt
Supv. Of Structures
Phone: 270-444-4501
Email: dsdejarnatt@palrr.com

J. C. (Jacob) Ramage
Asst. Supv. of Structures
Phone: 270-444-4501
Email: jramage@palrr.com
B. E. (Barry) Franke
Supervisor of Signals
Phone: 270-444-4375
C. L. (Chuck) Padgett
Phone: 270-862-9394
Email: cpadgett@palrr.com
K. E. (Keith) Tucker
Roadmaster - South
Phone: 270-821-1941
Email: keithtucker@palrr.com
K. G. (Kerry) McGregor
Asst. Signal Supervisor
Phone: 270-444-4369
Email: kmcgregor@palrr.com
P. K. (Paul) Smith
AVP - InformationTechnology
Phone: 270-444-4420
E-mail: psmith@palrr.com
P. S. (Sean) Lynn
Network Administrator
Phone: 270-444-4417
E-mail: slynn@palrr.com
B. D. (Brian) LaGore
Director - Information Technology
Phone: 270-444-4415
E-mail: blagore@palrr.com
L. G. (Larry) Bruce
Computer Programmer
Phone: 270-444-4418
E-mail: lbruce@palrr.com
T. J. (Travis) Bortz
Computer Programmer
Phone: 270-444-4309
E-mail: tbortz@palrr.com
J. L. (Jordan) James
Computer Programmer
Phone: 270-444-4416
E-mail: jjames@palrr.com

V. L. (Vance) Shore
Director - Purchasing & Materials Management
3700 Starnes Avenue
Paducah, KY 42003
Phone: 270-444-4451
 B. M. (Bart) Hammonds
Material Manager
3700 Starnes Avenue
Paducah, KY 42003
Phone: 270-444-4370

K. A. (Kelly) Leggs
Manager Customer Service
Phone: 270-444-4354

Customer Service Desk
Transportation Customer Service Representatives:

Debby Hughes
Glen Campbell
Cory Willis
Brooke Sullivan
Brian Waynick
Kelcie Kolba
Katie Jones


Phone: 270-444-4355
FAX 270-444-4347
E-mail: cservice@palrr.com
For handling of waybilling and customer service requests for all PAL-served customers

J. M. (Jennifer) Hrdlicka
Phone: 270-444-4311
Email: jhrdlicka@palrr.com


C. L. (Candie) Henry
Manager Payroll & Accounts Payable
Phone: 270-444-4345
Email: chenry@palrr.com
A. J. (Ashlyn) Bechtold
Internal Auditor
Phone: 270-444-4348
C. T. (Courtney) Bremer
Manager General Accounting
Phone: 270-444-4346
B. H. (Brittany) Snyder
Manager General Accounting
Phone: 270-444-4456
T. L. (Tracey) Bray
Manager Customer Revenue Support
Phone: 270-444-4424
Email: tlbray@palrr.com
C. M.(Casey) Hamby
Asst. Manager - General Accouting
Phone: 270-444-4326
Email: chamby@palrr.com

C. L. (Christine) Bowkamp
Manager-Customer Rev. Support
Phone: 270-444-4327
Email: cbowkamp@palrr.com
C. R. (Chelsea) Phillips
Manager-Customer Rev. Support
Phone: 270-444-4452
Email: cphillips@palrr.com
M. L. (Megan) Mitchell
Manager-Customer Rev. Support
Phone: 270-444-4518
Email: mmitchell@palrr.com

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