Paducah - Wagner Warehouse

1719 North Eighth Street
Paducah, KY 42001

Mail address: P. O. Box 1300
Paducah, KY 42002
Clayton, Bob or Russell Wagner
Phone: 270-443-5361
Fax: 270-442-8522

Product Capability: General merchandise, lumber and steel. Currently handling mostly popcorn, wood pulp and household merchandise.
Warehouse Capacity: >300,000 square feet
Special Features: Overhead crane, sprinkler, security
Track Capacity: 9 rail cars - docks
Served By: PAL only (closed to switch)

Paducah - Wyatt Bell

715 Park Avenue
Paducah, KY 42001

Mail address: P. O. Box 206
Paducah, KY 42002
Bo Bell, President
Phone: 270-442-5484

Product Capability: Currently handling lumber and zinc ingots
Warehouse Capacity: Ample inside space and ground storage available
Track Capacity: 8 rail cars - docks
Served By: PAL (open to switch)

Mayfield - Wagner Warehouse

1102 Fulton Road
Mayfield, KY 42066
Warehouse Manager or Paducah Office
Mayfield Phone: 270-247-6007

Product Capability: General merchandise - currently handling wood pulp at this location
Warehouse Capacity: To be determined
Track Capacity: 3 rail cars
Served By: PAL only

Eddyville - Exel, Inc.

23 Industrial Park Road
Eddyville, KY 42038
Greg Grindstaff, General Manager
Phone: 270-338-0833

Product Capability: Dry & liquid bulk products
Warehouse Capacity: Storage yard for up to 80 containers/trailers and over 250,000 sq ft fully sprinklered
warehouse space

Special features: four production lines; two grinding /pulverizing systems; production capacity of over 1millions lbs per day; multi-component blending system with liquid spraying capability; liquid solutions production including drumming, tote filling, and bulk tank truck loads; inclusive of valve, open-mouth; heat sealed, form fill & seal, and super sacks; have capacity to load and unload railcars, hopper trucks, and sea bulk containers.
Track Capacity: Railcar storage for up to 75 railcars
Served By: PAL


Beaver Dam - Ryan Trucking Co., Inc. (Bulk transfer only)

Ryan Trucking Co., Inc.
PO Box 160
Caneyville, KY 42721
Office (270) 879-3241
Fax (270) 879-6510

Granvil Vincent (270) 230-2827

Barry Cannon (270) 230-3936

Product Capability: Dry bulk products
Warehouse Capacity: No warehouse at this location; bulk transfer only
Track Capacity: 10 rail cars
Served By: PAL only

Elizabethtown - Addington Properties

901 West Park Road
Elizabethtown, KY 42701
Aaron Bacon, Facility Manager
Phone: 270-765-6456


Vine Grove - Central Kentucky Distribution

2001 West Lincoln Trail Blvd
Vine Grove, KY 40175
Joyce Hornback, Office Manager
Phone: 270-877-7700 x 101
Fax: 270-877-7770


Product Capability: General merchandise, including lumber
Warehouse Capacity: Approximately 45,000 square feet (8 sheds)
plus approximately 65,000 square feet (1 warehouse) plus approximately
10 acres additional ground storage

Special Features: Owned truck fleet; distribution services with
scheduled delivery service and inventory control
Track Capacity: 12 rail cars - unloading docks
Served By: PAL only


Louisville - MARTTS (Mid America Truck Transfer Systems)

2600 Millers Lane
Louisville, KY 40216
Jim Lagler, Sales & Marketing
Phone: 502-449-4000x145 or 502-774-1977
Fax: 502-774-2115

Product Capability: Liquid or dry chemicals, including dry plastics; acids; flammables; liquid or dry foods
Warehouse Capacity: No warehouse at this location; bulk transfer only
Special Features: DryX apparatus; blower; vacuum/pneumatic trailer; portable vacuum/air conveyor; auger; scale; air compressor; sampling service; steam heating; liquid pumps; truck fleet owned (Usher Transport)
Track Capacity: 20 rail cars

Louisville - Parker Commercial Storage

2900 Seventh Street Road
Louisville, KY 40216
Bill Ewing, VP of Operations
Phone: 502-636-5817
Fax: 502-448-6161

Product Capability: General merchandise; lumber; steel. Have handled agricultural products for USDA, packaged/handled logs and lumber; tobacco; chemicals; paper goods; steel; food; liquor
Warehouse Capacity: 1 million square feet
Special Features: Unloading dock, manned, 24-hour security, fully sprinkled, distribution services, U.S. Customs bonded


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